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The MBA programme take managers with experience in business and government. The target students of MBA programme are managers of middle level who specialize in field of information management and service, project investment, strategy management and finance etc. Furthermore, the programme focuses on managers of iron and steel industry in Beijing, Tianjin and the nearby areas. All MBA candidates should have a bachelor degree with a minimum of 3 years’ working experiences; or Higher National Diploma (called Dazhuan in China, same as associate degree) with a minimum of 5 years’ working experiences.

The admission procedure for MBA candidates is illustrated in Fig. 1.

Fig. 1 Admission procedure for MBA candidates


  1. Online application and payment

As is shown in Fig. 5.1, all qualified MBA candidates are required to apply, fill in the basic information and pay the application fee 200 RMB on the website The deadline for application is about the end of Oct. which depends on the final information that the USTB graduate institute publishes on the official website every year.

  1. Onsite confirmation

Onsite confirmation is the second step all candidates have to take. They need to bring the application number and the required effective materials to the graduate institute to confirm all information they provide. For the convenience of candidates of Shenzhen, they can do with the onsite confirmation in Nuclear Power Building in Shenzhen. Onsite confirmation is usually taken one week later after the online application.

  1. National entrance examination

All MBA candidates must then take the Nation Unified MBA Entrance Examination which is a closed-book written exam comprising a three-hour foreign language (English, Japanese or Russian) exam and a three-hour integrative capacity exam. The highest mark possible for the foreign language exam is 100 and the integrative abilities exam is 200, 75 for maths, 65 for logic and 60 for writing ability. National entrance examination is usually carried out in Mid-January. Candidates who achieve the minimum mark determined by the DSEM of USTB have the chance to take the second examination organized by the School’s MBA Office.

  1. 2nd round examination and interview

The second round examination is often taken on Mid-April. Admission acceptance is based on the results of both the unified and second examinations. The second exam includes a written exam and an interview and is supervised by the Office’s Second Examination Leadership Team. The written examination is designed to evaluate candidates’ theoretical knowledge base and integrative abilities. Each interview team consists of assessors of associate professor level or above with MBA teaching experience. Each assessor independently marks candidates on their foreign language level and integrative ability.

  1. Final result and send official admission package

After the national examination and the second round interview, the MBA Office will calculate the final examination result of every candidate and make the final recruitment decision. All candidates who receive the offer also need send the official admission materials the school requires to the DSEM before July.

  1. Enrolment and registration

The final step is to pay the tuition fees and register in early September. Students’ offer will be cancelled if they cannot register after two weeks of the deadline.

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