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The University of Science and Technology Beijing (USTB) was founded in 1952 following the integration of the best departments of mining, metallurgy and materials from five outstanding universities as a result of a nationwide reorganization of the higher education system. Its very former name was Beijing Institute of Iron and Steel Technology. It was then renamed as the Beijing University of Iron and steel Technology in 1960 and entered a steady development stage under the governance of China’s Ministry of Metallurgy. The university was renamed as the University of Science and Technology Beijing in 1998 and was placed directly under the governance of the Chinese Ministry of Education (MOE), since then the university entered a fast development stage.

Over half a century of remarkable growth, the USTB has developed into a comprehensive, multidisciplinary university contributed and evidenced the development of the country. The history of the USTB is the history of over 150,000 people who have studied, taught and worked at the university. After over 60 years of growth and development, the USTB has become a distinguished university in China for its openness, high-quality faculty team and research achievements. In 2006 it was selected as one of a group of pilot universities of the "Platform for National Advanced Disciplines Innovation" programme. The USTB was one of the first universities to be entitled to establish a MOE-approved graduate school and was chosen to be part of China's "211 Project", which was designed to develop a hundred first class universities in the 21st century.

Among all disciplines, the USTB is renowned for its research in metallurgy and materials science. Based on the assessment of the level-one discipline programmes carried out by the MOE Degree and Graduate Student Education Development Centre in 2013 the disciplines of the History of Science and Technology were ranked the first in China. The disciplines of Metallurgy Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering were ranked the second and the Mining Engineering were ranked the third.  As metallurgy and materials science are the two disciplines for which it is most renowned, USTB is also known as "the cradle of iron and steel engineers".

In 2011, the university declared its strategic objective to become a top research-oriented university in China and internationally. This declaration provides direction for the university’s future development.

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